Audio Described Films on CD


There are estimated to be in excess of 3 Million visually impaired people throughout the UK, who have been excluded from various forms of entertainment, due to their disability. With the development of new technologies and understanding, these members of our community can now enjoy a world that able bodied people take for granted: The world of film entertainment!


To enable visually impaired people the opportunity to enjoy and be a part of the film entertainment experience, a filmís soundtrack has to have an additional application known as ĎAudio Descriptioní, which is a professionally scripted narration that occurs between the dialogue of the characters. It explains what is happening during the scenes of a film, such as the actors' facial expressions, their body language, the scenery, whether itís night or day and so on. In short, anything that helps to visualize a film is explained by audio description.


Some new release films on DVD are available with audio description, but using the visual menus on a DVD is either very difficult or impossible for visually impaired people, as you need to see the menus in order to navigate them via the remote control. In effect, audio description on DVD is a little like giving with one hand and taking away with the other.


Our solution, and the fundamental difference with the catalogue of titles we hold, is that our films are not on VHS video cassette or DVD, but on CD. There aren't any images on the CDs, you get the soundtrack, including the music, sound effects and the actors' dialogue - coupled with the audio description.


The benefits of supplying films on this media are terrific. They are easy for visually impaired people to use as all that is needed is to insert the CD into a player and push play. Total independence is achievable with films on this media. There is no reliance on others as is the case with DVDs. Another benefit is that everyone can enjoy them on exactly the same level and, in addition to all that, they can be played anywhere: on a computer, home hi-fi, personal CD player, or even in the car! Itís a totally flexible media of entertainment for everyone to enjoy!


With the inherent problems of DVD and the fact that VHS video cassettes are soon to be out of circulation, a huge void for film entertainment is developing for visually impaired people. We believe that our catalogue will go some way towards bridging the gap.


An audio described film is like bringing a book to life. Rather than one person reading to you, you get the entire soundtrack, together with a description of what is happening during the scenes of a film.


It's a truly enjoyable experience!


Try one, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!