Tim, one of our visitors, sent us an e-mail concerning access to viewing the list of titles on our website. He pointed out that, for those who use a 'Screen Reader', to view the list of titles we have is more long-winded than it need be.


Screen readers, in case you don't know, are software programs which enable blind and visually impaired people to view websites. Put very simply, they read out loud the text on the pages of websites.


For this type of software to work, navigating through a website, is achieved using the tab, arrows and various other keys on a keypad. The way our website is designed, Tim, as will be the case for everyone else using this kind of software, had to move in and out of the genre pages to view the complete list of titles. Easy and quick enough to do if you're sighted and using a mouse but, time consuming and, one would imagine, annoying for someone who is blind or visually impaired and uses the keypad.


We hadn't taken this into consideration and, for that, we apologise.


Thanks for bringing it to our attention Tim.






Below, in alphabetical order, are the titles currently available. To view a synopsis and/or listen to a sample of a film, click on the title. You're able to purchase a film from both this page and the page containing all the information on each film.


Our films are only 9.95 each but, you can buy them for as little as 7.45 each if you subscribe. Please take a look at our SPECIALS page for more details.



Beat The Devil - Comedy -

Farewell To Arms, A - Drama -

Glory Boys, The - Thriller -

Gun Crazy - Western -

His Girl Friday - Comedy -

Hit Lady - Action -

Holcroft Covenant, The - Drama -

Jamaica Inn - Adventure -

Katherine - Drama -

Lady Vanishes, The - Thriller -

Long Dark Hall, The - Crime -

Madigan's Million - Drama -

Man Who Knew Too Much, The - Suspense -

McLintock - Comedy -

Million Pound Note, The - Comedy -

Nicholas Nickleby - Drama -

Passport To Pimlico - Comedy -

Penny Serenade - Drama -

Rain - Drama -

Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill - Mystery -

Snows Of Kilimanjaro, The - Drama -

Star Is Born, A - Drama -

Strike Force - Crime -

Suddenly - Thriller -

Sundowners, The - Adventure -

Third Man, The - Thriller -

Thursday's Game - Comedy -

Till The Clouds Roll By - Musical -

World Of Henry Orient, The - Comedy -

Zulu - Adventure -


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